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Duo Contour - Stephen Altoft & Lee Ferguson

17th July 2017, 8:30pm - 8:30pm - E-Werk, Freiburg, Germany

Ephraim Wegner opens the evening with NN - Not for Monkeys, a cross generational musical project in which N - elements are optimised according to the Darwinian principle.

Next Stephen Altoft and Lee Ferguson will play Sohrab Uduman's Hammer Out. The title refers to the physical act of hammering, in that the drummer with his mallet models a musical sound from the sound of the trumpet player. It is like the insistance, constant repetition of an argument which in the end comes to a kind of agreement between the seemingly contradictory ideas. 

To finish Duo Contour and Ephraim Wegner come together in a joint improvisation in which everyone plays at the right time. Or not. The rest is silence.


Ephraim Wegner NN - Not for Monkeys
Sohrab Uduman Hammer Out for trumpet and electronic percussion
Duo Contour + Ephraim Wegner


Duo Contour
Stephen Altoft quarter-tone trumpet
Lee Ferguson malletkat


11 euros / 7 euros

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